New online course: Build don`t talk – prototyping for practitioners

Struggling to bring your ideas to life?

Join our first online course with Laura Dekker and Matthias Krön. In this course we are sharing our different experiences and merge our perspectives of prototyping. Laura is acually on her journey with a non-profit sailing project she founded in 2017. The vision steps into realitiy these days. Matthias looks at prototyping more from a business side. His heritage in innovation and prototyping vomes from thought-leading companies like Google and Microsoft. THis expertise combined with Lauras case is a unique, creative mix that gives you a lot of inspiration and confidence of how to start with ideas – now.

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What Laura and Matthias say about the course

„Sometimes you’re stuck when you’re on your way to bring your vision or idea to live. I had a big WOW moment when I started building a tangible prototype of the boat I needed to for my foundation. In this course I will share my breakthrough experiences and learnings that helped me to make my dream come true.“

l Laura

„In this course we teach soft skills and a mindset. You can apply the right tools, but if you don’t internalise the mindset of a maker you will not come that far. A protoyping mindset has a strong bias towards action. That’s why we called this course „Build, don*t talk.“, which is a quote by Bauhaus Director Mies van der Rohe.

Mkroen Matthias